I am Jean-Philippe Paradis.
I am a programmer. I am a Common Lisper. I am competent. I am an expert. I am industrious. I am productive. I am hard-working. I am smart-working. I am a touch typist. I am an autodidact. I am creative. I am innovative. I am constructive. I am original. I am eccentric. I am ahead of my time. I am meaningful. I am useful. I am orderly. I am lawful. I am reliable.
I am a brony. I am a clopper. I am 85% hetero. I am LGBT. I am sex-positive. I am a bit sadistic. :) I am still a virgin. :(
I am dangerously intellectually honest. I am dangerously ethical. I am FUCKING HILARIOUS!!! I am radically transparent. I am real. I am genuine. I am authentic. I am earnest. I am thoughtful. I am truthful. I am honest. I am rightful. I am upright. I am sincere. I am frank. I am candid. I am trustworthy. I am loyal. I am dedicated. I am committed. I am discerning. I am nuanced. I am fair. I am consistent. I am coherent. I am dangerously sane. I am responsive. I am courageous. I am a truth-seeker. I am a truth-teller. I am a gadfly. I am a crusader. I am a visionary. I am a revolutionary. I am a trailblazer. I am doing what I need to do. I am the bane of corrupt people. I am bold. I am ambitious. I am powerful. I am decisive. I am resolute. I am inspiring. I am fucking EPIC!!! I am fierce. I am zen. I am paradoxical.
I am Asperger's. I am OCPD. I am bipolar II. I am obsessive. I am an INTJ.
I am an atheist. I am a nihilist. I am an existentialist. I am optimistic. I am idealistic. I am realistic. I am empathetic. I am altruistic. I am benevolent. I am tolerant. I am a liberal.
I am a privileged white male. I am gifted. I am resourceful. I am a nerd. I am smart. I am knowledgeable. I am constantly learning. I am evolving. I am strong. I am resilient. I am antifragile. I am sexy. I am systematic. I am methodical. I am precise. I am rigorous. I am exacting. I am demanding. I am patient. I am cautious. I am diligent. I am a perfectionist. I am excellent. I am fucking awesome! I am confident. I am grateful. I am self-aware. I am insightful. I am articulate. I am eloquent. I am extremely valuable! I am relevant. I am important. I am noteworthy. I am notable. I am passionate. I am exuberant. I am interesting. I am unconventional. I am unique. I am irreplaceable. I am a one-man army. I am game-changing. I am world-class. I am extraordinary! I am proud. I am larger than life! I am too much to handle. I am cringy. I am awkward.
I am treated unfairly. I am underrated. I am gravely misunderstood. :( I am heavily censored. :( I am constantly slandered. :( I am FUCKING TIRED of ranting. I am locked out of my twitter account for no reason whatsoever. I am going to win! I am still just getting started! I am here to stay. I am going to be extremely efficient, once my infrastructure is up to par.
I am a Québec independentist. I am living in Terrebonne (near Montréal), Québec, Canada. I am easy to contact. I am seeking funding.